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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-3886

Title : Geographic transferability of Activity-Based models: A Flanders-Slovenia case study (R-3886)
Abstract: This research proposal tackles the investigation of travel behaviour invariants in the scope of enabling efficient activity-based model transferability. Investigating the (dis-)similarities of the transportation behaviour between Flanders and Slovenia can learn us about the transferability and data requirements when implementing an activity-based transport model in a completely new geographic area. A major requirement for constructing an activity-based transport model in a new study area is the availability of input data to train and run the model. As the collection of some of the required datasets requires a time consuming and hence expensive procedure, the question arises to which extent the requirement for collecting these data can be alleviated. If proof is found that activity-travel behaviour shows some invariants throughout different populations, geographic areas, etc., the need for costly data collections could be eliminated or at least significantly reduced.
Period of project : 1/09/2012to30/04/2014

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