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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-4648

Title : Incorporating Road Safety into Transportation Planning and Forecasting (R-4648)
Abstract: Road crashes impose a huge social and economic burden on society and have been known to be among the major public health issues for many decades. Incorporating road safety into transportation planning and particularly travel demand forecasting is found to be among the most effective interventions in response to the growing problem of road crashes. Currently, there exists a gap to systematically incorporate road safety into travel demand forecasting from both research and practical perspectives. In view of this gap, this project aims at integrating road safety with different steps of travel forecast procedure (i.e. road safety will be incorporated into both travel demand and traffic assignment models) to reveal how road safety influences travel demand generation and routing. In this research proposal, the travel demand model is an activity-based transportation model, called FEATHERS. Regarding the traffic assignment model, macro-level crash prediction models are employed to evaluate the road safety impacts of route choice. The results derived from this task are iteratively fed back to the travel demand model to achieve an equilibrium safety status of the network. The second part of this project deals with the development of a model chain through which the road safety impacts of travel demand management strategies will be evaluated. Results of these evaluations provide policy makers with useful estimates of the road safety impacts of such strategies.
Period of project : 1/10/2013to30/09/2016

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