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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-4759

Title : ITP 2013(-2014-2015) Road Safety in low and middle-income countries: challenges and strategies for improvement (R-4759)
Abstract: The International Training Programme (ITP) at Hasselt University focusses on Road Safety and is titled "Road Safety in Low and Middle Income Countries: Challenges and Strategies for Improvement". The ITP is co-funded by the VLIR-UOS (Flemish InterUniversity Board - University Development Cooperation). During the ITP, 3 major topics will be dealt with: - Behaviour: explaining traffic and travel behaviour, setting up sensitisation campaigns or educational programmes - Infrastructure and mobility: evaluating existing infrastructural designs, studying the impact of infrastructure on road safety and linking it to behaviour - Road safety policy: attuning road safety and mobility policy, taking into account several aspects such as economy, demography, ecology, spatial planning, etc.
Period of project : 10/09/2013to14/12/2013

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