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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-4848

Title : KOI : Road safety in Asian and Latin American countries: principles and approaches (R-4848)
Abstract: Road safety is a global problem which is increasing in size, especially in developing countries. In those countries, the number of fatalities per 1,000,000 inhabitants is almost double that of the number in industrialized countries. Since there is always a certain degree of underregistration, the actual problem is presumably even much larger. Since in developing countries road safety policy is still in its infancy or has not started up yet, local knowledge and experience is limited. By organizing the short training initiative "Road Safety in Asian and Latin American Countries: Principles and Approaches", IMOB aims to train local professionals so they can contribute to the improvement of road safety themselves. The short training initiative consists of 3 parts which are important for improving road safety. The first part is an introduction to the road (un)safety theme. Here, the scope of the problem in various Asian and Latin American countries is outlined. The collection of reliable data is also explored in more depth. In the second part, participants are taught how to analyze the problem using the conflict observation technique, which was developed specifically for non-industrialized countries. Participants learn how to apply this technique in actual situations, thereby giving them a better insight in traffic. Moreover, the contribution and role of behaviour is studied. In the third part, an overview of possible solutions and measures to improve road safety policy is given. These solutions are approached from many angles, i.e. from the perspective of education and sensitization, infrastructure and enforcement.
Period of project : 13/10/2013to25/10/2013

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