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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-5152

Title : Literature study effect LED advertising signs. (R-5152)
Abstract: In the context of the review of the regulation of the zone of reverse construction (between building and construction line) along regional roads, the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) wants to investigate the impact of LED advertising on the road user. Both within AWV, RWO and LNE one is more and more convinced that this new form of publicity should be forbidden - because of the serious distraction factor - along regional roads . Hereby IMOB, as an independent body, is asked to investigate on the short term the effects of such advertising on driving behaviour. What did the road users see? To what extent is their attention distracted? Does the reaction time of drivers increase? The research should be split in two parts, in particular a literature study and a substantiation of the argumentation using the driving simulator (using various test setups). This project is limited to the first part of the research quotation: the literature study.
Period of project : 29/01/2014to17/02/2014

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