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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-5361

Title : Simulator study on congestion warning on dynamic traffic signs (R-5361)
Abstract: The Flemish traffic centre is responsible for the management of the fixed dynamically adjustable digital panels that are located on certain segments of the highway network, also in the context of congestion warning. At this time several variants of congestion warning messages are in use without, however, having (scientifically) underpinned insights in the effectiveness of the available variants. In addition, it remains unclear what the impact is of the more precise accuracy of congestion warning messages on driving (and thus the safety) of the road users. This problem will lead to the objectives that are cited below. The simulator approach to research the problems outlined above would have to start by stating the following objectives: - Figuring out the degree to which (a) road users use congestion warning messages offered on fixed dynamically adjustable panels [this can be verified on the basis of the viewing parameters] and (b) use them taking road safety into account [this can be verified on the basis of the driving parameters]. - Finding out to which extent the recording and use of such congestion warning messages depend on (a) message design and (b) message accuracy.
Period of project : 15/05/2014to14/01/2015

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