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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-5326

Title : Drawing up a background document to update the road safety plan for Flanders (R-5326)
Abstract: The Flemish Government wants to prepare an update of the 2008 Road Safety plan. To that end, they wish to obtain a background document that contains a status questionis of road safety in Flanders. The background paper is mainly descriptive and does not contain any policy choices unless previously/explicitly made elsewhere (for example in the Mobility Plan in relation to the targets on the number of victims). The size of any additional analyses with regard to earlier analyses/analyses carried out elsewhere, is limited. However, analyses of partial unsafety phenomena are possible. The background document would provide a good synthesis of the current state of affairs and knowledge related to traffic (un)safety in Flanders. In a next phase, the objective is to upholster the policy plan for the next legislature and to further develop the road safety plan as a concrete action plan, based this document.
Period of project : 1/04/2014to31/07/2014

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