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Solid academic research is the foundation of good academic education and is an important link in the innovation chain.

Hasselt University has chosen to concentrate a large proportion of its research resources in a number of research institutes. The institutes aim to cover the entire research spectrum, from fundamental research via strategic basic research to the building of concrete applications. Innovative research and the valorisation of it are therefore important components of the university’s research policy.

In order to respond to social and economic challenges, the university chooses to focus research on a number of priority areas. These priority areas are chosen from opportunities that present themselves at regional, national and international level.

Through this organisation of research in well-chosen spearhead fields, the university can achieve the scale required to participate successfully in inter-university and international networks. Optimising Hasselt University’s position within the innovation web is therefore high on the agenda.

Students and (young) researchers at Hasselt University become acquainted with the latest scientific developments in their field of study, in an environment where entrepreneurship is held in high regard. The Research Coordination Office and Tech Transfer Office are together responsible for of professional and dynamic support for all research activities.


Click here to view the Hasselt University Research & Innovation Policy Plan 2017 - 2021