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Symposium Paul Janssen

Symposium Paul Janssen

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After graduating as a mathematician from KU Leuven, Paul Janssen became a research assistant and PhD student at Hasselt University, then called ‘Limburgs Universitair Centrum’. After obtaining his PhD, Paul rose through the professorial ranks and eventually became Full Professor, joining his colleagues Herman Callaert and Noël Veraverbeke. He devoted a large part of his career to research in mathematical statistics, as well as to teaching in mathematical and applied statistics. Jointly with Herman and Noël, he founded the Master of Science in Biostatistics, now the Master of Statistics, at the university. Paul was the founder and long term coordinator of the VLIR-ICP (Flemish Interuniversity Council) program in Biostatistics, focusing on South collaboration. Many students from the South became Master of Statistics from UHasselt, thanks to this program, which has engendered a large and varied network of North-South collaboration in statistics. Later in his career, Paul held the offices of chairman of the Research Council and Vice-rector of Research. He currently is the chairman of VLIR-UOS, the administration overseeing academic North-South collaboration.

To celebrate a career of statistics, a Symposium in honor of Paul Janssen will be held on September 22, 2017, at Hasselt University.

At that time, we will also honor three colleagues by the Founders’ Prizes. The Herman Callaert Leadership Award for Biostastistics Education and Dissemination will go to Professor Dave Harington (Harvard University, USA). Professor Jan Swanepoel (North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa) will receive the Noël Veraverbeke Award for Excellence in Statistical Methodology. The recipient for the Paul Janssen Award for Leadership in Statistical South Collaboration will be Professor Marleen Temmerman (Ghent University, Belgium).