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Jean-Michel Rigo studied biology (University of Liège, Belgium) and received his PhD in 1994 for a work in cellular and molecular neurophysiology. He was then appointed as an associate professor in Physiology (“premier assistant” and then “chef de travaux”) at the University of Liège. In 2002, he went for a sabbatical research period to the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) to study glycinergic neurotransmission using advance molecular electrophysiology. In 2004, he joined the physiology group at Hasselt University to develop an independent research program in neurobiology. He became head of the group in 2009 and full professor ("gewoon hoogleraar") in 2010. His current research focuses on the plasticity of excitabilily in brain development and regeneration. His research activity is summarized hereafter.
Jean-Michel Rigo teaches, among other, general physiology and neurophysiology to (bio)medical students at Hasselt University. Since its position in Liège, he has developed expertise in self-learning methods, computer-assisted learning and virtual labs. From 2009 to 2012, he headed the department of Physiology-Immunology-Biochemistry and the education management team of the master in biomedical sciences, and he was vice-dean of the Shool of Life Sciences (Transnational University of Limburg).
Since 2006, he has also been actively involved in development cooperation projects, in particular in RD Congo.
In 2012, he became vice-rector of Education of Hasselt University.

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Key Publications

  • Rigo,J.-M. , Hans,G., Nguyen,L., Rocher,V., Belachew,S., Malgrange,B., Leprince,P., Moonen,G., Selak,I., Matagne,A. and Klitgaard,H., The antiepileptic drug levetiracetam reverses the inhibition by negative allosteric modulators of neuronal GABA- and glycine-gated currents, British Journal of Pharmacology , 136 (2002) 659-672. [IF=3,825 (2002); Pharmacology & Pharmacy 26/188]
  • Nguyen,L., Malgrange,B., Breuskin,I., Bettendorf,L., Moonen,G., Belachew,S . and Rigo,J.-M. , Autocrine/paracrine activation of the GABAA receptor inhibits the proliferation of neurogenic PSA-NCAM+ precursor cells from postnatal striatum, Journal of Neuroscience , 23 (2003) 3278-3294. [IF=7,453 (2003); Neurosciences 10/198]
  • Rigo,J.-M., Badiu,C.I. and Legendre,P., Heterogeneity of postsynaptic receptor occupancy fluctuations among glycinergic inhibitory synapses, Journal of Physiology (London) , 553 (2003) 819-832. [IF=4,407 (2003); Physiology 7/74]
  • Wang, D.-S., Mangin, J.-M., Moonen, G., Rigo, J.-M. and Legendre, P., Mechanisms for picrotoxin block of alpha2 homomeric glycine receptors, Journal of Biological Chemistry , 281 (2006) 3841-3855. [IF=5,808 (2006); Biochemistry & Molecular biology 39/262]
  • Harvey, R.J., Rigo, J.-M. , Glycinergic transmission: physiological, developmental and pathological implications, Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience , 3 (2010) 115. doi: 10.3389/fnmol.2010.000115 [Not yet SCI]
  • Swijsen, A., Brône, B., Rigo, J.-M. , Hoogland, G., Long-lasting enhancement of GABAA receptor expression in newborn dentate granule cells after early-life febrile seizures, Developmental Neurobiology , (2012). [IF=4,423 (2012); Neurosciences 56/252, Q1]
  • Rigato, C., Swinnen, N., Buckinx, R., Couillin, I., Mangin, J.-M., Rigo, J.-M., Legendre, P., Le Corronc, H., Microglia proliferation is controlled by P2X7 receptors in a pannexin-1-independent manner during early embryonic spinal cord invasion, Journal of Neuroscience, 32 (2012) 11559-11573. [IF=6,908 (2012); Neurosciences 22/252, Q1]
  • Swinnen, N., Smolders, S., Avila, A., Notelaers, K., Paesen, R., Ameloot, M., Brône, B., Legendre, P., Rigo, J.-M., Complex invasion pattern of the cerebral cortex by microglial cells during development of the mouse embryo, Glia, 61 (2013) 150-163. [IF=5,066 (2012); Neurosciences 43/252, Q1]
  • Avila, A., Vidal, P.M., Dear, T.N., Harvey, R.J., Rigo, J.-M. (=), Nguyen, L. (=), Glycine receptor alpha2 subunit activation promotes cortical interneuron migration, Cell Reports, 4 (2013) 738-750. [expected IF around 10; Q1]
  • Avila, A., Vidal, P.M., Tielens, S., Morelli, G., Laguesse, S., Harvey, R.J., Rigo, J.-M. (=), Nguyen, L. (=), Glycine receptors control the generation of projection neurons in the developing cerebral cortex, Cell Death and Differentiation, (2014) in press.

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