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Healthy Aging

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Healthy Aging

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Symposium - 'Veerkrachtig ouder worden' - KULeuven, Belgium

February, 1st 2020

Oral presentation by lead partner BIOMED

Cytokines meeting - Vienna

October, 20-23rd 2019

Poster presentation by project partner UKA

Happy aging day

October, 17th 2019

Innovationmarket (BIOMED, IMEC, GlycoCheck en MyHealth). GlycoCheck became second in the price for the most innovative project


Symposium - “aging from a genetic and immunologic perspective” - Hasselt University, Belgium

June, 13th 2019

IMEC won the poster price

ATS meeting - Dallas

May, 17-19th 2019

posterpresentation by project partner GIGA 


GSK meeting - Brussels

May, 8th 2019

Posterpresentation by project partner GIGA

Participation 'Openbedrijvendag'

Oktober 2018

Happy aging day

October, 18th 2018

Presentation Healthy Aging project on innovationmarket


ATS conference USA

May, 18-23rd 2018

Posterpresentation by project partner GIGA 

GSK partnering day

April, 19th 2018

Presentation of the project by the lead partner BIOMED

Symposium - The microbiome - Jessa Hospital, Belgium

March, 10th 2018

Project partner MyHealth presents the Healthy Aging project on the infomarket


May, 10th 2017

Ralf Raue award - poster presentation

Kick-off Healthy Aging

March, 23rd 2017