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WFCM 2018

Workshop on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

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October 29th - 30th, 2018

Martelarenlaan 42, Hasselt, Belgium

On Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th, October 2018, Hasselt University will organize a workshop dedicated to Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. The workshop provides a framework to discuss the advances and challenges on this field and its linkage with modern Machine Learning techniques. Particularly, the workshop is devoted to analyzing the theoretical and tangible issues affecting Fuzzy Cognitive Maps through lectures and open-group discussions.

Relevant topics to be covered include:

  • Causal reasoning with FCMs
  • Learning algorithms and transfer functions
  • FCM models for time series forecasting
    • Low-level models
    • Granular models
  • FCM models for pattern classification
    • Low-level models
    • Granular models
  • Software tools for FCM modeling

Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Witold Pedrycz

Alberta University, Canada

Prof. Dr. Jose L. Salmeron

University Pablo de Olavide, Spain

Prof. Dr. Władysław Homenda

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Dr. Chrysostomos D. Stylios

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece



Dr. Gonzalo Nápoles

Universiteit Hasselt

Frank Vanhoenshoven

Universiteit Hasselt

Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof

Universiteit Hasselt