Master of Transportation Sciences

Master of Transportation Sciences

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Transportation drives our society

A modern and international transport system is important for moving people, goods and information in a local, regional and (inter)national context. Moreover it is connected to economic growth! A continuous increase in traffic volumes, for passenger transport as well as freight forwarding transport, leads to major challenges concerning land use, impact on urban areas, traffic safety issues, traffic flow, atmospheric pollution and travel behaviour.

A unique and multidisciplinary master's programme

The international master’s programme of Transportation Sciences of Hasselt University is a multidisciplinary master’s programme, which trains students to identify transportation and traffic safety issues and come up with solutions themselves, taking into account several parameters: economy, society, urban development, environment and infrastructure. Several transport and traffic safety issues are thus highlighted in an overall multidisciplinary manner.

A pronounced international orientation

Since transportation is a cross-border field, it is also important to focus on international aspects of this domain. As a Master in Transportation Sciences we offer you an opportunity to regularly exchange views with experts from home and abroad. Teachers within the master’s programme are regarded as experts in their field - both home and abroad. Students can also exchange views and experiences with fellow international students in the programme.

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