How to become an expert in MS?

The University MS Center (UMSC) is a partnership between the biomedical research institute of Hasselt University and the rehabilitation & MS center within Noorderhart Pelt. UMSC is an international center of expertise where advanced MS research is performed in order to offer the best care for persons with MS. Within this center, we focus on MS research, education and collaboration with persons with MS. In the light of educational programs we will organise a course 'How to become an expert in MS'? Target groups for this course are: (assistant) neurologists, other care professionals and researchers. This course will be taught by several clinical experts and spread over 4 sessions.

10 December 2022 - 18 February 2023
09:30 - 19:00
Rehabilitation & MS Centre (partly hybrid)
Cursus Umsc Finaal Cursus Umsc Finaal

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Program course

Session 1: December 10th 2022 

09u30-10u30     Pathophysiology and immunology of MS - prof.dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch, UMSC

10u30-10u45     Pause

10u45-11u45     Clinical manifestations of MS - prof.dr. Veronica Popescu, UMSC

12u00-13u00     Lunch

13u00-14u00     How to measure cognition in MS? - prof.dr. Hanneke Hulst, University of Leiden

Session 2: January 21st 2023

09u30-10u30     Current and future use of MRI in MS - prof.dr. Veronica Popescu, UMSC

10u30-10u45     Pause

10u45-11u45     Use of electrophysiology OCT & biomarkers in MS - prof.dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch, UMSC

12u00-13u30     Lunch and guided tour in the Rehabilitation & MS Center

13u30-14u30     Other measures/clinical scales in MS - dr. Ilse Lamers, UMSC

Session 3 : February 4th - 9u30-14u00

09u30-10u30     DMT in MS: focus on prognosis and strategy - prof.dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch, UMSC

10u30-10u45     Pause

10u45-11u45     DMT in MS: overview of trial results and practical use - prof.dr. Veronica Popescu, 


12u00-13u00     Lunch

13u00-14u00     DMT in MS: switching treatments, when why and how - prof.dr. Bart Van Wijmeersch,


Session 4 : February 18th - 9u30-14u00

09u30-10u30     Symptomatic treatment in MS part 1 - MD. Cornelia Rogojan, UMSC

10u30-10u45     Pause

10u45-11u45     Symptomatic treatment in MS part 2 - MD. Cornelia Rogojan, UMSC

12u00-13u00     Lunch

13u00-14u00     Follow-up of MS patients in a multidisciplinary setting - MD Griet Gysemberg, UMSC

Participation and registration

For each session accreditation is requested. You are not obligated to participate in all sessions, except for session two. You will receive a course certificate for each session you attended, if you participated in session 2 as well.

Sessions can be attended on site (Rehabilitation & MS Center, Pelt) or online. Again session two must be attended on site. Food and drinks will be provided for participants attending the course on site.

You can register via the following link.

Registration deadline is November 15th!

Course fee and payment details

Thanks to sponsorships of Novartis and BMS, the 15 first registries can participate for free.

From the 16th registration onwards, registration fee is 110 euro per session. You will receive a discount if you attend all sessions. After your registration, you will receive an email containing invoice details.

Your registration will be definitive upon payment of the invoice.

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