Support the UMSC

Do you know the MS research fund? Let us explain:

Thanks to the efforts of many researchers around the world, but certainly also within the UMSC, we have evolved in the past years towards many new treatments that can stabilize the disease in many people with MS. We also learn every day about the underlying mechanisms of this disease. But we're not there yet! Every day we work hard to find those missing pieces of the big MS puzzle.

However, doing research is extremely expensive. And despite governmental fundings, the Charcot Foundation, the MS Research Foundation, the MS League and so much more, there are many things that we cannot fund through these classic financial channels.

An example: we are very grateful that we can receive (blood) samples from people with MS via the neurologists we work with. However, isolating the white blood cells from these samples takes time and (a lot of) money. On average, we process about 150 samples per year. Cost of this? about 15,000 euros. One thing is clear: no white blood cells, no further research.

And there are still a lot of other projects for which we have to look for financing.

Anyone can contribute to this by donating to the MS Research Fund (Hasselt University Fund). Have we been able to convince you or do you know organizations that are looking for charities? Feel free to give us a heads up. The UMSC will be very grateful! Be part of it ;-).

Would you like to help people with MS?
Please support the UMSC and thus the MS research via a gift on the following bank account number:

BE36 4532 5278 1181 (BIC-code KREDBEBB)

Please mention the following when donating: donation MS Researchfund

This amount will fully benefit the MS research!

If you donate 40 euro or more, 45% is tax deductible. For example, a gift of 100 euros will cost you 55 euros thanks to the tax certificate.

Hasselt University sends you a tax certificate once a year.

The UMSC is very grateful! Thank you!