About Limburg Clinical Research Center

Joined forces, better health care

How can we develop high-quality clinical research in the Limburg region? Medical-scientific research which starts from the needs of the patient and from which the patient also benefits immediately? These questions marked the beginning of the Limburg Clinical Research Program (LCRP) in 2010.

Since then, Jessa Hospital, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) and Hasselt  University joined forces, forming a unique partnership. Together we build high-quality and innovative care. We focus on research in six medical clusters and invest in service and technology platforms which strengthen and support that research across the board. This approach has proven highly successful.

By allowing academic researchers in a hospital environment to collaborate with passionate doctors-professors, we accelerated medical-scientific research in our region. We have already realized more than 60 PhDs (started), 600 international scientific publications and numerous collaborations with national and international partners. One of the lines of research grew into the successful spin-off Qompium / Fibricheck. LCRP also created a vibrant and dynamic environment in which passionate physician-specialists, paramedics and (junior) researchers come together to collaborate on better patient care. We thereby also made a direct contribution to academic education in medicine, rehabilitation sciences and biomedical sciences.

The founding of LCRP was made possible by the financial support of, among others, Limburg Sterk Merk (LSM) and the Strategisch Actieplan Limburg Kwadraat (SALK), but our researchers also obtained project resources from the regular funding channels such as FWO, IWT (VLAIO) and the EU. When the allocated incentive funds came to an end in 2019, the three partners - ZOL, Jessa and Hasselt University - wanted to continue to commit themselves under the flag of the Limburg Clinical Research Center (LCRC).

LCRC has the ambition to grow into an internationally oriented academic-medical knowledge center in Limburg which will provide an important stimulus for academic education, top-level medical care and healthcare innovation in Limburg and Flanders.

Collaborate with us

Knowledge is the only thing that grows when you share it. Combined forces can do more. At LCRC, we strongly believe in this. Are you a company that invests in new medical developments? Or an organization that would like to work with us on better healthcare? ​Discover the opportunities of starting a collaboration with us. Why can a collaboration with LCRC be of interest for you?

Here are 5 good reasons!

1. Build on our research expertise

In recent years, LCRC has developed solid research expertise in the medical cluster of anaesthesia / neurology, cardiology, gynaecology / fertility, infectious diseases / immunity, oncology and orthopaedics. We also have a strong international reputation in the field of mobile health and data science, assistive technology and rehabilitation. Clinical practical experience and academic-scientific expertise: at LCRC you benefit from the best of both world.

2. Test your innovation in our test garden

Medical innovations are accompanied by complex clinical test programs. Do you need help setting up such programs? Or are you still looking for test persons for your research? LCRC offers you access to expertise in clinical trials and a large testing ground for patients.

3. Create and validate (together with us) your MHealth applications

Do you want to develop an mHealth product or service? Then the Mobile Health Unit is the perfect sparring partner. They co-create, validate and support you in this complex process, and help you get your idea from bench to bedside.

4. Use our biobank collection and expertise

With UBiLim we offer you access to a unique collection of interesting patient samples for various medical conditions. That access - and our expertise in this area - can accelerate your research. In addition, we can also support you with the (legally required) registration of new samples and the creation of customized collections.

5. Find the right contacts in our network

Are you looking for complementary research expertise? Partners who can support you scientifically, technologically or legally?
Our extensive international network will certainly come in handy.

LCRC is also embedded in the regional life sciences and healthcare ecosystem. For example, the Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED) of Hasselt University has a number of technological platforms and we have strong links with BioVille, the life science incubator that since 2010 has housed numerous life sciences and healthcare companies in Diepenbeek (Belgium).

Support our research

Help us develop new treatment methods, more efficient diagnostic techniques and an enhanced patient care. With a gift or a donation to LCRC you give medical-scientific research in our region a boost.

Do you want to support LCRC in its entirety? Or do you prefer to contribute financially to a very concrete research project? Both are possible!
Your support is welcome on one of the following account numbers. Write “LCRC research” as a reference, or the name of the specific cluster, platform or research project of your choice.


BE70 0012 0509 1725


BE89 3350 2199 3885


BE36 4532 5278 1181

LCRC policy group

  • Prof. dr. Piet Stinissen, Hasselt University, chairman
  • Prof. dr. Ken Haenen, Hasselt University
  • dr. Jos Vandekerkhof, Jessa Hospital
  • Prof. dr. Jean-Luc Rummens, Jessa Hospital
  • dr. Michiel Thomeer, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL)
  • Prof. dr. Pieter Vandervoort, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL)
  • Dr. Helene Piccard, coordinator LCRC, acting