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The Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) is active in the fields of transportation and road safety and focuses on transportation behaviour. We do this by studying the interaction between behaviour, infrastructure and technology. This interaction is complex, but the insights it provides allow us to predict mobility flows and make traffic safer. In carrying out these activities, we of course constantly come into contact with other disciplines such as health, climate, tourism, etc., which enables us to have an impact on society. which enables us to have an impact on society, both socially and economically.

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IMOB was founded in 2003 and carries out fundamental and applied research, in addition to education, in the field of road safety and travel behaviour at local, national and international level.

IMOB is one of the largest research institutes in the field of transport in Belgium. The staff of about 50 consists of professors, researchers, PhD-students, mostly with a background in traffic safety and transport. But there is also expertise in the field of economics, psychology, sociology, communication, engineering, mathematics, architecture and informatics.

The Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) is in a state of flux. We carry out projects at both national and international level.

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