At IMOB, we are shaping the mobility of the future by providing science-based solutions to the major challenges facing society and industry. We are constantly working on numerous projects and realisations that address contemporary challenges and provide innovative solutions.

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H2020 project i-DREAMS

Instrumented Vehicle 26

i-DREAMS is a three-year project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that aims to set up a platform to define, develop, test and validate a 'safety tolerance zone' to prevent drivers from getting too close to the limits of unsafe driving by mitigating risks in real time and after the journey.

Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow

The ERASMUS+ project "Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow" aims to build the capacity of stakeholders in protected areas in the field of sustainable tourism. The project lasted 3 years and ended in August 2021.

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H2020 project i-CHANGE

Climate Change Photo

I-CHANGE is an Innovation Action project which has started in November 2021 and is running for 3,5 years. The project's main aim is to show that behavioural change of single citizens is possible through citizen science initiatives which are using sensors and that this has an impact of their environmental footprint.

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emr connect (ECON)

emr connect is an Interreg V-A-project to support cross-border cooperation in the area of transportation.

emr Connect (ECON)
EMR Connect


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Totem is a smart app that detects transportation behaviour in people with depression symptoms and, based on that, encourages valuable activity. The app will suggest and encourage that activity to guide the person step by step towards better mental wellbeing. Totem can thus be a useful addition to therapeutic treatment.

Totem can also be used in many other areas of healthcare, such as monitoring cardiac patients during their rehabilitation after surgery.

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H2020 project Track & Know

Track & Know is a Horizon2020 project, with a focus on Big Data. More specifically, Track & Know, which is an acronym for "Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas", has researched, developed and exploited a new software framework that aims to increase the efficiency of Big Data.

This will be applied in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and healthcare sectors. The project ended in 2020.

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