Cameras and drones

IMOB has long used camera solutions to conduct road safety evaluations. In recent years, the evolution in camera, UAV (drone) and image processing technology using artificial intelligence has opened up new possibilities.

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Recently, projects such as MIA-Strike have enabled IMOB to develop expertise in this innovative field. Traffic and conflict observation technology using drones and camera equipment could potentially be of interest in domains other than transport, e.g. for:

  • safety and efficiency research on (road) construction sites,
  • indoor movement of people and goods (e.g. retail),
  • public safety,
  • analysis of sports events,
  • industrial inspection,
  • wildlife monitoring,
  • monitoring of patient movements during physiotherapy and rehabilitation, etc.

It can become a technology platform, so to speak, accessible to other research groups and external parties through, for example, a service agreement or other valorisation strategies.

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