Francqui Chair - Prof. Dr Constantinos Antoniou

The Transportation Research Institute is honored to award the Francqui Chair to Prof. Dr Constantinos Antoniou.

The theme of the chair is '​Transportation in a digital era - Challenges and opportunities’. The inaugural lecture ‘Transportation, open data and artificial intelligence - Challenges and opportunities’ took place on Monday May 22nd.

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Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr Constantinos Antoniou

Prof. Dr. Antoniou is a professor in Transportation Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM, Germany) where he is the Academic Program Director for Mobility and the head of the master program Transportation Systems. He also heads the master's programme Railway Transport and Logistics at TUM Asia (Singapore). Prof Antoniou is a civil engineer by training (National Technical University of Athens, 1995) and holds a master's degree in Transport (1997) and a PhD in Transportation Systems (2004), both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Prof. Dr Antoniou's full CV can be found here.

On Monday 22 May 2023, Prof. Dr Antoniou gave his opening lecture titled ‘Transportation, open data and artificial intelligence - Challenges and opportunities’.

Relive the inaugural lecture

On Monday 22 May 2023, Prof. Dr Constantinos Antoniou gave his inaugural lecture as part of the Francqui Chair. You can download his presentation here (pdf, 9.4 MB) and/or watch a recording of the lecture.

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