Tenured academic staff / Tenure track lecturer experimental physics: photoelectron spectroscopy

About the function

Teaching assignment

You will make a significant contribution to the educational activities within the Bachelor of Physics program, as well as in the recently established two-year Master in Materiomics. In the latter, you are expected to coordinate courses and develop lecture material in the energy and health pillars of the curriculum. You will further supervise internships and thesis projects and you will mentor students. Innovation in education is expected, aligned with the current educational concepts of the Faculty of Sciences and Hasselt University. You will train PhD researchers and launch project proposals to establish their funding.

Research assignment

You will initiate and carry out innovative research, widening current activities of the capacity group in the characterization of new materials for photonics, energy, healthcare and quantum applications . You are an expert in electron spectroscopy, in particular using hard X-rays to excite photoelectrons (HAXPES) in which profound expertise is essential. In this field, you are expected to maintain and extend the current HAXPES setup and launch national and international projects, while building strong links to both, international but also local research groups.
- You promote the social relevance of research and education within the framework of the civic mission of Hasselt University.
- You show organizational commitment and contribute to the objectives of the department, the institute and the faculty.

About you

  • You have obtained a PhD in Physics. (or equivalent)
  • You have minimal five years of proven postdoctoral experience in in electron spectroscopy, and experience in HAXPES.
  • Ypu have performed excellent research and has published in high-impact peer reviewed international scientific journals
  • You have a proven international network and proven experience in successful external project acquisition in the research domain.
  • You have experience with the management of research projects.
  • You have experience in guiding students and reading courses, and the required communication and organizational skills.
  • Dutch is the official administrative language of Hasselt University. If you do not have a sufficient knowledge of Dutch (CEFR level B2) upon your appointment, we expect you to obtain the required level no later than 5 years after being appointed or at the moment of tenure (usually after an internship of 3 years for senior academic staff). We provide tailor-made language training. Coordinating lecturers must have a command of the language of instruction of the program component at CEFR level C1. We provide tailor-made language training.

Our offer

  • We will offer:
    •  either an appointment as a lecturer in the tenure track system during 5 years. This will lead to an immediate permanent contract as a senior lecturer, if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved, based on previously set public grading criteria.
    • Otherwise, we will offer a fulltime appointment as a lecturer or higher, which will lead to tenure. In case of a first appointment as a member of the academic staff, the Board of Directors of the University can decide on a temporary appointment for a period up to 3 years. This will lead to a permanent contract if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved.

Apply for this position

The selection procedure consists of a preselection based on application file, an introductory interview, a in-depth interview (with assignment) and an assessment center. If required, a selection exam can be held after preselection.
During the selection interview, a short trial lesson (20 min) is requested, as well as your scientific accomplishments (5 min) and research vision (15 min).

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Apply up to 13.06.2023

Question about this vacancy?

For substantive questions, send an e-mail to hansgerd.boyen@uhasselt.be or koen.vandewal@uhasselt.be. For questions about the selection procedure, please email jobs@uhasselt.be.

Prof. dr. Hans-Gerd BOYEN

Full professor

Prof. dr. ir. Koen VANDEWAL

Full professor