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Hasselt University wants to deploy people and knowledge to tackle challenges facing society together with others. We have close ties to our local region, but our gaze is turned towards the wider world. The university consists of seven faculties, two schools and six research institutes on two campuses. With more than 6,000 students and 1,400 researchers and staff members, we engage with and work for the community every day. We are driven by innovation, commitment, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness.

Hasselt University is open to and offers opportunities for talent of every kind, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, disability or age.

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Why work at Hasselt University?

  • At Hasselt University, we care about what you want.
  • At Hasselt University, we work together on concrete projects for a better world.
  • At Hasselt University, personal well-being comes first.
  • At Hasselt University, you contribute directly to society and to groundbreaking research.
  • At Hasselt University, you are given the autonomy to develop your talents and you help shape our university.
  • At Hasselt University, openness, warmth and inclusivity are central.
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What do our employees say?

Ömer Sercik

doctoral student statistics

UHasselt is both large and small. We have many people from many countries and there are collaborations with other universities. But UHasselt is also quite informal and people know each other. So UHasselt has both international connections, and connection among colleagues. That is what I love about UHasselt and that is why I stuck around after I finished my studies. These days, UHasselt feels like home.

Mayte Gomez Sanchez

Graphic Designer

I've been working in Belgium for years, but I've never felt at home as much as I do at UHasselt. If you're having a bad day, for example, you can talk about it when you walk in because they will notice right away. You can just be yourself which is nice.

Veerle Somers

Dean faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

I started out as a postdoc and thanks to the opportunities that I've been offered, I am now dean. In my role, I want to offer young people an opportunity to follow their ambition at UHasselt, just like me.

It is wonderful to behold how my career at UHasselt encourages young researchers, especially young, female researchers, to really follow their passion!

Karel Bosmans

HR Director

I do not only work on sustainable mobility, but I also work on sustainable jobs and lifelong learning, because we really want to avoid people being in the same job for 35 years.

You won't be stuck in one place here, because we're increasingly using flex desks, focus spaces and collaborative spaces.

Prof. dr. Pieter Vandekerkhof

Professor Entrepreneurship

I was meant to be an entrepreneur! My job revolves around entrepreneurship: every day I get the opportunity to inspire students about entrepreneurship as well as to be inspired by entrepreneurial students!

dr. Rani Mary Joy

PhD Researcher

During my search for PhD topics, I was mainly looking for a unique subject. And that's exactly what I found at UHasselt. The synthetic diamond research really captured my attention, so I went for it … and now I can proudly say I’m a diamond-grower. Very few diamond growing labs exist across the world, so I’m really proud I can contribute to this groundbreaking research with lots of possible applications in the future.

Peter Van Gestel

Expert System Operator

On the one hand, I very much like the interaction here on campus with colleagues and students. On the other hand, with young children at home, it is also nice that I am able to work from home. Ultimately, I come to the campus three days a week and on those days, I always come by bike. Then I take a shower here in the morning before I go to my office. The end of the day is also a moment of peace and I can clear my head before I return home to the rush in the evening.

Hasselt University works to ensure that everyone is welcome, feels at home, and can do their best at our university. The diverse talents of our students and staff are a precious resource for our community and the engine of our future prosperity. Diversity of experiences and perspectives enriches our education, strengthens our research and increases our social impact.

As a civic university, Hasselt University seeks to set a good example in the region in terms of diversity and inclusion. With our focus on justice and nondiscrimination, we are working together for a diverse and inclusive Hasselt University.

UHasselt does not accept any discrimination in terms of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, age, family situation or dependent children; disability; culture, religion/ideology; skin colour, ethnic origin; socio-economic background or situation.


Hasselt University has a long tradition of focusing on research careers. In 2007 it was one of the first Flemish universities to sign the European Commission’s Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (pdf, 277 KB).

The Board of Deans of Hasselt University decided on 1 April 2010 to apply for an HR Excellence in Research award from the European Commission. Hasselt became the first Flemish university to receive the award in 2011.

After two evaluations by the European Commission, we are proud of the fact that the grant of the award was extended until 2026, showing that Hasselt University makes a point of investing in sustainable research careers for its researchers.

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Hybrid working, less commuting time and more sustainable mobility. These are the three principles for which 'Baanbrekende werkgevers' (groundbreaking employers) commit themselves. Hasselt University encourages people-oriented working and sustainable mobility. For this, we go through a interactive learning process. Here you can find more information about UHasselt as 'Baanbrekende Werkgever' and the mobility policy of Hasselt University.

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