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 Acceptable use of Computer Systems at UHasselt

  1. General deontology
    The PC's, servers and related equipment which are made available for students must only be used for tasks strictly related to educational activities at the university.
    Furthermore, the Acceptable Use Policy of Belnet (ourInternet Provider) applies to all users.
    Finally, every user is subject to the Belgian laws, regarding privacy, confidentiality of mail, copyright, and related issues.
  2. Practical regulations (non-exhaustive list) 
    • Login-data are strictly personal: user-id's and passwords must never be given to others; it is forbidden to use anybody else's user-id or password. 
    • It is not allowed to take on a false identity over the network. 
    • System information, -configurations, and application programs must not be altered. 
    • It is not allowed to gain access to information or systems (networked or not) that are not publicly available or for which you are not authorized. Even attempts to do so are illegal. 
    • The computers and the network of the university must not be used for commercial or political purposes by any means. 
    • It is strictly forbidden to:
      • make, distribute or trade unauthorised copies of legally protected material on UHasselt computersystems
      • download, offer or save illegal copies of legally protected material on UHasselt computersystems
      • install, offer or manage exchange- or P2P-systems or servers on UHasselt computersystems