Starting a PhD at UHasselt

Hasselt University is a young, dynamic and forward-looking institution that serves as a beacon for ambitious doctoral students from all over the world. The university is proud to award 23 doctoral degrees, each offering a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your chosen field of study.

For those who want to collaborate, Hasselt University offers the possibility of pursuing a joint PhD with other esteemed institutions, broadening your research horizons and expanding your academic network. Read more about joint doctorates here.

Attention is also given to the broader education of doctoral students at UHasselt. Thanks to our doctoral schools, you have the opportunity to develop not only academic skills, but also so-called 'transferable skills'. These are general skills that are transferable to other professional sectors.

Are you already on your doctoral path at Hasselt University or are you exploring the idea of pursuing a PhD, discover financing options and other essential details for current and future PhD candidates on this webpage!

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