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IT Service Desk

For all IT-related questions and problems you can visit the Self Service Portal of UHasselt 24/7.  You can also reach the portal via the mobile 4me application on the Android Play store and on the Apple store.

The Service Desk only works by appointment, based on a request via the Self Service Portal.

The Service Desk employees can schedule your appointment in various ways:

You can only reach the Service Desk on +32 (0) 11 26 81 31 in cases of extreme emergency, for problems with a high impact.

Username and Password

First you need to activate your account. You received the user ID and initial password when you first registered.

You need the user ID and password for a number of secure applications such as :

  • E-mail
  • Student file / Study time registration
  • Electronic learning environment Blackboard and Perception
  • Log in to the UHasselt network
  • ...

You can change your password at any time.

Your password must consist of:

  • at least 8 and maximum 20 characters
  • a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers

If you no longer know your password or if it is no longer accepted, you can use password recovery provided you have registered an alternative email address (eg a private email address). In other cases you can visit the Self Service Portal of the Service Desk.

Computer Policy

General code of conduct

The PCs, servers and related equipment, which are accessible to students, may only be used for tasks directly related to study activities on campus.  More information is available at our Information Safety Commission  (IVC) where you can also find our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Furthermore, everyone is also subject to the code of conduct of Belnet, which is the internet provider for the university.

Finally, reference is also made to Belgian legislation on privacy, secrecy of correspondence, copyright and related domains.

Concrete agreements (non-exhaustive list)

  • Login details are strictly personal. Usernames and passwords may not be lent to others. It is forbidden to use login details of others.
  • It is not allowed to assume a false identity via the network.
  • System information, system configurations or available application programs should not be changed.
  • It is not allowed to gain access to (networked or not) information or systems that are not publicly accessible or to which the owner has not given you access. Attempts to do so are also punishable.
  • UHasselt's computers and network may not be used for commercial or political purposes, in any way whatsoever.
  • It is not allowed to make unauthorized or illegal copies of copyrighted material. download, offer, store, distribute or trade via UHasselt computer systems.
  • It is prohibited to install, offer or manage exchange programs or P2P indexes or systems via UHasselt computer systems.