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Life on campus

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The Diepenbeek Campus is a day campus. This means that students can make use of various rooms to study in. In addition, students can study in all classrooms, provided that the room is not scheduled for instruction.

  • silent study rooms in the library
  • 11 cubicles and three meeting rooms in the Library
  • Working in teams, developing research skills, working independently. All of these are new competencies that the current generation of students has to acquire. In order to support them as best as we can, Hasselt University Library has undergone a transformation. The Library has been equipped with 11 cubicles and three meeting rooms, where students can learn how to work in a group in a professional atmosphere. It offers WiFi-friendly learning and work islands with a vast book collection and a very wide range of electronic journals at your fingertips.

  • free study rooms in Block D
    In Block D there are two rooms in which students can study quietly.
  • Free biology laboratory space
    Biology students can use their own workspace (G21) when the room is not scheduled for instruction. They are assigned their own locker in which they can store all materials (microscope, prepared samples, etc.) which are needed for practical exercises.
  • anatomy classrooms
    In anatomy classrooms G63 and G65, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences students can view and study X-rays, computer-assisted microscopy images and prepared samples. 
  • computer rooms

The cells of the Old Prison have been arranged as study rooms for students. Each study cell offers space for a maximum of two students.

Outside opening hours, the Old Prison's cafeteria can also be used to study.