Study spaces

Study spaces in Limburg

In Limburg, you will find many study places that are accessible all year round. You can search for a suitable place to study at Hubspotter.

Looking for tips about study approach, exam planning, procrastination, ... On our website, you will find many useful study tips.

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Study spaces at Diepenbeek Campus

The Diepenbeek Campus is a day campus. This means that students can make use of various rooms to study in. In addition, students can study in all classrooms, provided that the room is not scheduled for instruction.

  • +350 workplaces, 11 cubicles and 10 group work rooms in the library
    The new Campus library is a pleasant and inspiring learning environment: an oasis of light and rest in a modern but also cosy setting. The library counts more than 350 workplaces (with at least one power plug point per workplace) divided over three noise zones: a group work zone, a whisper zone and an absolute silence zone. In the whisper zone there are 11 cubicles. The group work zone has 6 open and 4 closed group work rooms. Quiet conversation is allowed in these areas. The closed group work rooms can be booked via this link.

  • free study rooms in Block D
    In Block D there are two rooms in which students can study quietly.
  • Free biology laboratory space
    Biology students can use their own workspace (G21) when the room is not scheduled for instruction. They are assigned their own locker in which they can store all materials (microscope, prepared samples, etc.) which are needed for practical exercises.
  • anatomy classrooms
    In anatomy classrooms G63 and G65, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences students can view and study X-rays, computer-assisted microscopy images and prepared samples.
  • computer rooms (see below)

Study spaces at Hasselt Campus

The cells of the Old Prison have been arranged as study rooms for students. Each study cell offers space for a maximum of two students.

Outside opening hours, the Old Prison's cafeteria can also be used to study.


The PC rooms on our campuses can be used as workspaces, both individually and in groups, when they are not reserved for a classroom session.

Available rooms

  • Business Economics & Transportation Sciences: LL1 - LL2 - LL3 - LL4
  • Law: FR0.19
  • Sciences: C6 - C7 - C19 - C25 - EDM
  • Master of Statistics: C102B - C107 - C108B - C113
  • Medicine and Life Sciences: B17 - G65
  • Architecture and Arts
  • Engineering Technology: E101 - E102

You can also use the computers in the library at campus Diepenbeek, during the opening hours. 

Opening hours PC-lokalen

All PC rooms are open from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. You can go to every PC room for self-study or group work during unscheduled hours.

Log in

To access the network facilities via a PC, you must log in to Windows with the following details:

  • User name: uhstudent
  • Password: uhstudent