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About the function

Teaching assignment

In the academic programmes in (interior) architecture, and in the educational master in design sciences, students are trained to be broadly employable, to design with excellence with an inquisitive attitude, and to possess a set of management skills.

You will develop and strengthen education in the field of (interior) architecture.
Your teaching is organized in collaboration with a well-developed ArcK research group. The courses are organized in four studios: Cultural and Social Studies, Construction, Design & Envisioning Architecture (‘Beelding’).

You will be responsible for coordinating a number of course units within studio ‘Beelding’, both within the Architecture and Interior Architecture programmes, and play an active role in these Dutch-language-based programmes.

The teaching assignments - both lectures and seminars - focus mainly on the interaction between the "visual" aspect of architecture and art and combine theory and practical education.

The visualization/exploration/examination of spaces (via sketch, model and CAAD), as well as the direct connection with the materiality of making (from mock-up to realization), is at the intersection between architecture and art. Internationally, your teaching can also be framed in the renewed focus on and specific research into aspects of craft and tactility.

Research assignment

In the faculty's strategic development approach for the coming years, ‘Beelding’ and, more specifically, the interaction between research and education within this discipline will be further consolidated and expanded.

Within the research line FRAME:Tactics, you develop your own research in the domain of representation and thinking through visual methodology, crafts and the materiality of making. You coordinate the integration of your own research into teaching. In addition to generating your own research output, you will also actively participate in writing project applications to acquire external research funds and supervise doctoral students. You will also help build an international network with other institutions. 

You are prepared – in collaboration with internal and external colleagues - to help develop both the teaching policy and the research and community service policy of the faculty.

Besides academic tasks, you will also take on managerial, coordinating and administrative tasks.

About us

This vacancy fits within the development of the academic research of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts and the research group ArcK within Hasselt University. You will become a member of the Architecture and Art department, the ArcK research group and the Frame research line.

The architecture and interior architecture courses within the faculty have a strong and substantive connection with the "imaging/imaginative" aspect (‘Beelding’) within the domain of architecture and link to the Bauhaus educational model, which brought together arts, crafts and technology.

Together with other sub-disciplines (Cultural and Social Studies, Construction, Design), the 'Studio Beelding' is an essential component of the training of (interior) architects within Hasselt University's education system; an education in which a broader cultural and artistic formation plays a crucial part (cf. the German concept of 'Bildung'). 

FRAME is an interdisciplinary research domain consisting of researchers in the arts and in (interior) architecture. We explore unconventional forms of knowledge gathering and transfer, which can lead to new frameworks for thinking about images. Images are interpreted broadly in this context. We are not just talking about paintings, drawings or photographs. Installations, sculptures, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts, even metaphors and philosophical concepts are also considered crucial representations of reality, in other words, as visual art. The artistic practice itself is a substantial part of the research, as a form of thinking in and through images and spaces.

FRAME:Tactics focuses on using drawing (manual, computer-based and/or a combination of both) and modeling (from concept to mock-up/prototype) as a research method and a representational technique. Tactics also emphasizes crafts and the materiality of making.

More information:

www.uhasselt.be/fac-architectuur-en-kunst - www.uhasselt.be/fragments

About you

  • You have a PhD in Architecture, Interior Architecture or an equivalent PhD.
  • You possess research and practical experience in the field of ‘Envisioning architecture’ (‘Beelding’) (representation techniques, (plastic) arts, crafts,...). This is clearly visible in your CV and portfolio.
  • You are a motivated researcher with relevant international scientific output.
  • Within the domain of (interior) architecture, you developed a strong expertise through your own design practice or through critical reflection, which is at least nationally significant, demonstrable through awards, exhibitions or publications in professional journals.
  • You possess good didactic qualities and preferably have (international) teaching experience in the field of (interior) architecture.
  • You have demonstrable experience and competences in obtaining (international) research funding.
  • You have excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • You function well in a team and are collegial and flexible.
  • You are able to work fluently with various ICT applications (CAAD, distant-learning environments, e-portfolio,...).
  • You have a thorough knowledge of the English language, both written and oral.
  • Dutch is the official administrative language of Hasselt University. If you do not have a sufficient knowledge of Dutch (CEFR level B2) upon your appointment, we expect you to obtain the required level no later than 5 years after being appointed or at the moment of tenure (usually after an internship of 3 years for senior academic staff). We provide tailor-made language training. Coordinating lecturers must have a command of the language of instruction of the program component at CEFR level C1. We provide tailor-made language training.

Our offer

Depending on the candidate's qualifications, UHasselt will offer

an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the tenure track system for 5 years. This will lead to an immediate permanent contract as an Associate Professor, if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved, based on previously set and expressed grading criteria. 

Otherwise, UHasselt will offer an appointment as an Associate Professor or higher, which will lead to tenure. In case of a first appointment as a member of the academic staff, the Board of Directors of the University can decide on a temporary appointment for a period up to 3 years. This will lead to a permanent contract if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved.

This position can be included in an 80% or 100% appointment rate. 

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The selection procedure consists of a preselection based on application file and an interview.
Selection interviews will take place on 28 March 2023 in the afternoon.

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Question about this vacancy?

For substantive questions, send an e-mail to saidja.heynickx@uhasselt.be. For questions about the selection procedure, please email jobs@uhasselt.be.

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