lecturer (tenure track) / associate professor / professor Rehabilitation in the domain Healthy Ageing in place (80-100%)

Your function

Teaching assignment

Your main assignment will be within the Geriatric Rehabilitation learning line. You will participate in the broadening of the topic of aging within the faculty.
You will carry out teaching assignments within the bachelor and master program of the Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy program. You work with innovative didactic educational concepts appropriate to the vision of the program.
You contribute to competency-based education as described in the CanMEDs model, including clinical and scientific competencies and interdisciplinary collaboration.
You also contribute to a learning organization for a learning society.
You work as part of a team and manage a group of teaching staff.

Research assignment

You will conduct research within rehabilitation in the areas of "Healthy ageing" and "Ageing in place."
Both aim to maintain independence, functionality and quality of life for older adults for as long as possible, regardless of pathology. A fundamental aspect of your research is the proactive prevention of frailty for older persons. You focus your research on strengthening their empowerment and self-management, especially in situations where multi-morbidity compromises quality of life. You will emphasize activating older adults themselves, but also their environment and (multicultural) context.
Your research takes place in a dynamic interprofessional context, where integrated care is central. You will work closely with existing research in the REVAL domains. Through your research you will contribute to valuable insights and practical applications that can significantly improve the quality of life of older people.

You are responsible for applying for funds for research and infrastructure funding. Your research focuses on population-level research and contributes to policy-level advice for health program and system modifications.

Service Assignment:
You take on assignments in the faculty context appropriate to the academic degree. Examples include: coordination of continuing education offerings, membership on the medical ethics committee, alumni outreach or a policy position in teaching, research or internationalization.

Your team

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences organizes the 3-year academic bachelor and 2-year academic master program "Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. This program trains students through self-directed, activating learning methodologies within a competency-based framework (CanMEDs). The faculty is a penholder of the interuniversity Master of Occupational Therapy Sciences and contributes to the Educational Master of Health Sciences.

The faculty's REVAL research group conducts clinical and basic interdisciplinary research in the areas of musculoskeletal, geriatric, pediatric and neurological, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of internal disorders.

REVAL researchers conduct innovative, person centered, interdisciplinary and technology supported scientific research related to detection, prevention, and rehabilitation to optimize the functioning of individuals throughout the life course.The interaction of physical, psychological and social factors is central to this work.
Within the perspective of a "civic university," our researchers demonstrate a strong commitment within the healthcare sector of our region.

REVAL ACADEMY establishes interdisciplinary continuing education programs for healthcare and rehabilitation professionals.
You will join a dynamic and professional team of researchers and teachers coming from various fields, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, health psychology, exercise science, the exact and (bio)medical sciences. This team shares a passion for interdisciplinary research. We value principles such as quality, professionalism, dynamic mindset, collaboration and the academic social impact of our work.

Your talents

  • You have a master degree in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. (or equivalent)
  • You obtained a Phd and have several years of post doctoral experience or equivalent.
  • Clinical experience within the field or target group is recommended.
  • You take initiative to participate in community service duties that contribute to the outreach of your own research and teaching.
  • You have a strong academic output in the above academic domain.
  • You have strong teaching skills that contribute to the quality of the training programme. You preferably have university teaching experience in the relevant field.
  • You have a broad (inter)national network, which can be indicated in for example publications, involvement in consortia and/or committees. International mobility is a plus.
  • You have demonstrable and broad experience in external fundraising.
  • You have excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • You enjoy collaborating within a team and contribute to tasks within the faculty and collaboration with both interdisciplinary and external partners.
  • Dutch is the official administrative language of Hasselt University. If you do not have a sufficient knowledge of Dutch (CEFR level B2) upon your appointment, we expect you to obtain the required level no later than 5 years after being appointed or at the moment of tenure (usually after an internship of 3 years for senior academic staff). We provide tailor-made language training. Coordinating lecturers must have a command of the language of instruction of the program component at CEFR level C1. We provide tailor-made language training.

Our offer for you

Depending on the candidate's qualifications, UHasselt offers a position as lecturer in the tenure track system, (senior) lecturer or professor:

  • the tenure track system entails an evaluation period of 5 years, during which an annual evaluation takes place on the basis of previously agreed output indictators. After a positive evaluation of the tenure track, a permanent appointment follows.
  • a position as (senior) lecturer or professor in the tenure track has a 3-year internship period.

Preferred start date 01/05/2024

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Prof. dr. Raf MEESEN