amai! - call for proposals 2024



Amai! is a citizen science project looking for social applications with AI. This year it is about AI ideas within the themes of climate & environment, mobility, work and health. 
The call targets project proposals that use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a solution to one of the ideas or idea clusters submitted on the amai! website. To develop this solution, project proposals should use a citizenscience approach.

Are you itching to realise an idea? Then put together a consortium, submit a project application and get up to €125,000 support. The duration of the projects is 2 years.


Projects can be submitted by consortia consisting of organisations from at least two of the categories of organisations listed below:
  • Flemish companies with expertise in technology or AI;
  • Flemish universities, university colleges and research institutes;
  • Flemish non-profit organisations working in one of the four domains (climate and environment, mobility, health, work);
  • Flemish citizens' associations;
  • Flemish local authorities.
Financial support to companies, non-profit organisations and citizens' associations is granted under the 'de minimis rule'.

In May and June 2024 Amai! organises a number of co-creation sessions in several Flemish cities. At these workshops, we bring together AI experts, businesses, researchers and citizens to brainstorm ideas for AI applications and set up possible collaborations.
For these sessions you can register here.


This year there is a compulsory submission of pre-proposals.
Deadline submission of pre-proposals = 21st June 2024

Deadline submission full proposals = 13th September 2024

More information?

More information about the call, the regulations and application can be found on the website.

Please contact if you want to submit.



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