Call for scholarships Collegio dei Fiamminghi 2024-2025



The Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) aims to have a few Flemings studying at the University of Bologna every year. For the upcoming academic year 2024-2025, 2 scholarships are again offered for the Collegio dei Fiamminghi. 

The students in question will be provided with free accommodation for 8 months (from October/November 2024) and a grant of €7000. The Collegio reserves the right to ultimately admit only one scholarship student.


The Collegio preferably receives students who will start their second master year in September. If there are too few applications, students starting their first master year can also be accepted. PhD students can also apply.

Nomination through the rectorate of institutions of up to 2 candidates per institution, accompanied by a candidate file that includes: a curriculum, the study or research plan and any letters of recommendation.


Based on the candidate file, the selection committee should be able to infer the intrinsic quality of the proposal and the candidate from the following elements:

  • Having obtained a Flemish basic degree at a Flemish university before starting studies in Bologna;
  • A thorough elaboration of the teaching or research plan (content coherence);
  • Knowledge of the Italian language;
  • An overview of study results.

When the committee has to choose between equivalent candidates, they may consider the following criteria:

  • not being able to rely on other sources of funding with the present education and research plan;
  • having not yet taken advantage of related exchanges.

Attention! This scholarship may not be combined with other scholarships or grants.

The selection committee will rank the candidates according to the quality of the submitted file. This proposal will be submitted to the VLIR Bureau on 26 June 2024 for approval. 

Given that the university must forward its candidates, the internal deadline is ....
Candidates should send their application to
Submission deadline for UHasselt at VLIR: 07/06/2024




More information?

You can find more information, the selection procedure, the criteria and the evaluation procedure here.

Please contact if you want to apply.

Deadline intern

27.05.2024, 07.06.2024

Contact Hasselt University?


Tel. +3211268995

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