VLAIO Call Collective Research & Development and Collective Knowledge Dissemination (COOCK+) 2024


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Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen


The objective of the COOCK+ programme is still to translate and valorise (basic) research results by accelerating the introduction of technology and/or knowledge to a broad group of companies. COOCK+ projects start from available research results and place their focus on knowledge translation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer. Knowledge building within a COOCK+ project is possible, but cannot be the main focus of the project. A good COOCK+ project is 'collective' and focuses on a broad but clearly defined target group of companies (with an emphasis on SMEs) that will evaluate and implement the project results (during and after the project). The project must therefore be ambitious, but also realistic and achievable (time and resources). The project will be guided by a group composed of representatives of that target group.

Types of activities
COOCK+ projects are always composed of 2 complementary components:

Part A = All activities of (application-oriented) knowledge building, knowledge translation and knowledge dissemination by research organisation(s) for a broad group of entrepreneurs and this in function of the widest possible transfer of technology and/or knowledge. This requires a good focus and a sufficient concretisation are necessary. Only this part receives support within the COOCK+ programme.

Part B = A bundling of all enterprise-specific actions aimed at securing (evaluating or application) of the transferred technology or knowledge within the companies. These actions are not captured in the project budget of the COOCK+ project. The costs for this are borne by the companies themselves, whether funded or not.

Project duration
Within a COOCK+ project, Part A has a project duration of minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years (maximum 2 years for CORNET projects). With regard to the result commitment, after completion of part A, one has an additional 2 years to report on part B. Thus, the total maximum project duration is 5 years.

The maximum funding that can be awarded to Part A of a COOCK+ project is €1,000,000. Limited (short-term) projects can also be considered. The minimum size (in manpower) is 1 FTE and the minimum duration is 1 year. There should be a balance between the size of part A of the COOCK+ project (i.e. the budget) and part B of the COOCK+ project. More specifically: part B should include a sufficient number of initiated cases representing the same amount of budgetary effort as part A of the COOCK+ project (+/- 10 cases per €500,000). The company-specific cases (part B) are done at the company's own expense or support can be requested from VLAIO (or European), e.g. via the SME portfolio, development projects or SME growth support.

The basic funding rate for Part A of a COOCK+ project is 50% of the allocated project budget. A multi-partner project can claim a partnership or collaboration bonus of 20% (see also section 2.6 Characteristics of partnership of the manual). Via a result commitment, a total bonus aid of 30% can be acquired (find more information on page 11 of the manual). The total support percentage for a COOCK+ project is always minimum 50%, maximum 80% without collaboration bonus and maximum 100% with collaboration bonus.

With regard to the result commitment, only those company-specific actions that are initiated in the period between the start of the project and up to 2 years after the end of part A of the COOCK+ project and for which at least the employability and (economic) feasibility in a company-specific context were evaluated.

It is advisable to provide a back-up plan for possible co-financing. If the conditions for a result commitment are not met, the applicant consortium must provide its own additional financing (either through its own resources or through contributions from companies). Agreements on this should be included in the cooperation agreement.


A COOCK+ project is applied for by one or more Flemish 'organisations for research and knowledge dissemination'. If this contributes to the efficiency and speed of the project, a non-Flemish research organisation that meets the EU definition of research organisation can participate as a partner (for a maximum of 20% of the eligible project costs). The applicant(s) may use subcontractors to bring specific expertise and competence to the project.


The submission of a COOCK+ project consists of 2 steps:

  1. Mandatory pre-registration via e-mail to coock@vlaio.be, attaching a document with project title, innovation objective, list of partners and (provisional) list of companion group members, the economic and societal impact of the research and the approach and deliverables, no later than May 28, 2024 (12:00). A copy of your pre-registration document must be sent to research@uhasselt.be.
  2. Mandatory submission via the online platform of the project application and all attachments, no later than June 11, 2024 (12:00)

Submitting an application is done online. To start an application, you must register with your e-ID via the VLAIO website. After registration, as the main applicant you will receive a specific link to further complete your application and load all pre-filled templates. After adding any partners, they too can complete their part of the application via their specific link.

Only OBI is allowed to submit the part for the "kennisinstelling", as they have a mandate to do so.

More information?

You can find more information in the manual and on the VLAIO website.

You can re-watch the info session of 29 March, 2024 here.

Q&A digital sessions: 17 April 2024 en 3 May 2024, at 09:30 via Teams

Contact OBI when preparing a project proposal. OBI

  • Helps with process-related questions (e.g. questions about the application template, submission procedure etc.)
  • Acts as an intermediary between the researchers and VLAIO
  • Acts as an intermediary when internal (TTO, PER, FIN) or external consultation is necessary
  • Helps with preparing the project budget
  • Checks the final project budget
  • Helps with administrative formalities relating to Hasselt University
  • Has the mandate to submit the application for Hasselt University



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