The Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships



The Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships are designed to support junior biochemists and molecular biologists, from countries that are full or associate members of IUBMB who need to travel to other laboratories in the IUBMB region for the purpose of carrying out experiments that require special techniques or for other forms of scientific collaboration or advanced training.

The fellowships will be awarded for travel lasting 1 – 4 months. A fellowship is intended to cover travel and incidental costs, as well as living expenses, to a maximum of US $4,000. Travel costs will provide for the cheapest airfare available; incidental expenses directly related to the travel, local bus fares to and from airport; and a hotel charge for one night at airport if well substantiated. The costs do not cover insurance or research expenses at the laboratory to be visited. Travel should commence within four months of the award being made.


Applicants for fellowships are required to make a full declaration to IUBMB of all other support received in connection with the proposed visit. A fellowship cannot be used to supplement scientific visits otherwise fully covered. Fellowships will not be awarded to attend courses, symposia, meetings or congresses. Applicants must be residents of countries that are members of IUBMB and should generally be graduate students or junior researchers within 10 years of receiving PhD. Retrospective applications will not be considered. Applications from individuals who have received a Wood-Whelan Fellowship previously are not eligible.


The deadlines for receipt of applications are April 1st (for travel in July – December the same year) and October 1st (for travel in January – June the following year). Late applications will not be considered.

Applications will be sent to the Chair of the Committee for Fellowships by filling out the application form and will be reviewed by the Members of the IUBMB Fellowships Committee.

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