10 years Doctoral Schools

On June 15, 2022 the UHasselt doctoral schools celebrated their 10-year anniversary!

To highlight this decade, we looked back on the achievements made throughout the past 10 years and looked ahead to the coming decade’s challenges. Obviously, we also raised our glasses, to all of our – past, present and future – junior researchers!


moderated by Dr Stefanie Kerkhofs - Head of PhD & RRI team, UHasselt


Prof. Dr Ken Haenen - Vice Rector Research and Internationalisation, UHasselt
Dr Sadia Vancauwenbergh - Director Research, Library and Internationalisation, UHasselt

Looking back
  • Achievements in the past 10 years
    Dr Ilse Van Damme - Coordinator Doctoral Schools, UHasselt

  • An industry perspective: the value of a PhD
    Dr Bram Jongen - Vice President Materials & Surface Technologies, Datwyler Sealing Solutions

  • What sticks? Memories of PhD holders
    Video intermezzos
Looking ahead
  • Food for thought
    Dr Stefanie Kerkhofs & Dr Ilse Van Damme - UHasselt

  • Appreciating and connecting talents (abstract below)
    Prof. Dr Frank Lambrechts - UHasselt

  • What’s your talent philosophy? (abstract below)
    Prof. Dr Nicky Dries - KU Leuven & BI Norwegian Business School
Closing speech

Prof. Dr Bernard Vanheusden - Rector, UHasselt

Reception & networking opportunities

starts at 17:30


  • June 15, 2022
  • 14:30-18:30
  • campus Diepenbeek, auditorium H6
  • Registration is closed since June 6, 2022.


Appreciating and connecting talents
(Prof. Frank Lambrechts - UHasselt)

An appreciative inquiry into the peak experiences when you were able to use your talents to the fullest and felt full of energy.

What’s your talent philosophy? (Prof. Nicky Dries - KU Leuven & BI Norwegian Business School)

What is talent? And how many people have it? A select club of rare geniuses? Or does everyone have ‘a’ talent? And can talent be developed, and to what extent? These two questions determining a person’s ‘talent philosophy’ have proven to be tremendously helpful for individuals in figuring out where their own talents lie, and how they can take their careers into their own hands accordingly. In this lecture, prof. Nicky Dries (KU Leuven & BI Norwegian Business School) will guide participants through 15 years of research on talent management, focusing specifically on talent philosophies and on employees’ experiences as they move through their careers. The lecture examines important concepts such as strengths, potential, and competencies, and how junior (and not so junior) staff can apply these concepts to their own professional and personal development. Practical guidelines are presented alongside conceptual and empirical research on talent management from an employee perspective.