Going abroad

Enrich your studies in transportation sciences with an unforgettable international experience! Explore the world while combining your passion for transportation with boundless learning. Our master programme offers unique opportunities to broaden your horizons, embrace cultural diversity and gain valuable insights into global mobility issues.

Step outside your comfort zone, immerse yourself in new cultures and enhance your academic skills while meeting transportation experts from other countries.

An international experience offers you the chance to experience personal growth. It requires adaptability, independence and resilience - qualities that are essential in an ever-changing world. It is an adventure that will enrich you not only professionally, but also personally.

In your 1st master year, we will tell you much more about the possible international adventures you can embark on (and when), but you can already get a taste of the initial inspiration regarding your internship abroad.

Discover how an internship abroad experience broadens your horizons and transforms your perspective on transportation. Your journey starts here!

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Going abroad

Transportation sciences students can choose to do an internship in the 2nd master year. During your 1st master year, you will receive information about the internship and how to look for an internship yourself. You can also choose to do your internship abroad to immerse yourself in other cultures, deal with diverse perspectives and learn from a world beyond the borders of your own country. It is a unique opportunity to not only improve your professional competencies, but also sharpen your intercultural skills. Not only will you increase your knowledge in your field, but you will also develop a global network of contacts.

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Bram Geukens

internship Linköping, Sweden

I was given the opportunity to carry out my internship at VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

In our class of 18 people, I was that weird guy that wanted to go abroad, and more particularly to Sweden. Several times, I got questions from surprised people who were wondering why I would travel so far or to a cold and dark country. However, from my previous time in Sweden, I know that while the days may be cold and dark, the people that live there are the exact opposite. And this was once again confirmed during my stay in Norrköping and Linköping.

In fact, I am grateful to all the people at VTI, for their time and support and also for introducing me to the Swedish fika tradition. I will have a hard time adapting back to the Belgian culture.

Vasila Ibrahimova 0

Vasila Ibrahimova

internship Lund, Sweden

I did my internship at Lund University, in the Transport and Roads department, specifically working with the railway group. Our primary focus was on optimizing train dwell time, and conducting a study on alighting and boarding behavior at Lund C. I got to fly drones to film trains at Lund C. After that, I spent a lot of time watching those videos and entering data for further in-depth analysis.

The best part was getting to meet some amazing people. Everyone at Lund University, was super friendly and helpful. Going to the 12th Annual Swedish Transport Research Conference in 2023 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm was a highlight. I got to meet academics from Scandinavian countries. The insights gained from this experience are invaluable and are poised to positively impact my future career.

For anyone thinking about interning abroad, be ready to start from zero. It might seem tough at first, but facing those challenges will help you grow. Plus, you'll make some great connections that could shape your future plans. It's definitely worth giving it a try.

Loran Reynaerts

Loran Reynaerts

Gothenburg, Sweden

I did my internship at the Group Truck Technology (GTT) division of Volvo Group in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It was my responsibility to conduct an in-depth crash study between Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs). The aim was to learn more about the different interactions between these two types of road users and investigate how safety systems could be used to make these scenarios safe.

There were many memorable moments during my internship in Sweden. I had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of one of the biggest companies in the world. Test tracks, crash test facilities, engine facilities, prototype vehicles and much more. I also had the chance to travel around Sweden, meet new people and learn from them. My work made a valuable contribution to the company and they offered me the opportunity to become a "real" member of the team after graduation. It is a kind of leverage and reference that can be used when other companies are interested in hiring you.

During my internship, I developed more confidence and assertiveness. This is something I need to maintain in my future career and personal life. Although I still have a lot to learn, my work at Volvo has enriched both my general and specific knowledge in my field of interest. The work environment showcases, confirms, triggers and utilises my interests to benefit my department. I can only recommend starting this incredible journey and taking this opportunity. Learn from the mistakes you make because they will be helpful for the rest of your life and career. Your internship can confirm your interests or show you that a different career path might be more valuable to you. Either way, it is really valuable. Choosing to do your internship abroad can set you apart from other candidates because of the lessons you have learned and the growth you have made as a person.

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