Contact Point unacceptable behavior

  • Who can contact the Contact Point unacceptable behavior? 

For anyone (UHasselt students, visitors to UHasselt and UHasselt staff) with questions about unacceptable behavior, who has come into contact with inappropriate behaviour, ...

  • What is unacceptable behaviour?

Behaviour is undesirable if it crosses your boundary. The perception of whether a behaviour is acceptable or not is partly subjective. That is why clear communication about your personal boundaries is important.

Reports can be about intimidation, affecting your personal integrity, verbal and/or physical aggression, discrimination, bullying, sexually undesirable behaviour, among other things.

  • What do we imply by bullying?

(Cyber) bullying is defined as behaviour that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity and integrity of a person and creating an unsafe and hurtful culture. Bullying behaviour can manifest itself in words, gestures or actions that occur repeatedly. It may also involve the systematic gossiping about or social isolation of someone.

  • What is discrimination?

Discrimination occurs when one is treated unequally, is disadvantaged or excluded from a similar situation based on personal characteristics. These characteristics may relate to, for example, nationality, origin, skin colour, sexual preference, age, religion, disability, etc.

  • What is undesirable sexual behaviour?

Any form of verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct with a sexual connotation that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person or of creating an offensive, humiliating or offensive situation.

  • What do we mean by violence?

Violence is defined as being psychologically or physically attacked, harassed, threatened or stalked. This can range from swearing, verbal threats to physical violence.

  • How does the Contact Point function?
  • Contacting the contact point

The first contact is via email ( or the registration form. Mention your phone number in your email if you prefer to be contacted by phone. 
Your e-mail will be read discreetly and confidential.

  • The confidential advisor contacts you

You will then be invited for a confidential meeting that you can accept or decline.

  • The interview with the confidential advisor

If you proceed to the meeting, the confidential advisor will go through the various options for follow-up together with you. During this meeting, the confidential advisor will listen to you. The interview will preferably occur physically at a discrete location but can also take place online. A report can also be closed during the interview without further action being taken. The confidential counselor will not take any action without your permission.

Who are the confidential advisors?

Philip Swerts

Philip Swerts 03

Sabine Poel

Sabine Poels 01[1]

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