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Find your student room in Diepenbeek, Hasselt or Genk on our housing database

  • more than 2500 student rooms from private owners
  • UHasselt does not have rooms under its own management
  • find your room by entering your conditions in the (advanced) search functions. When you’re interested in a certain room, you need to contact the landlord. You can find the contact information in the room details.
  • Don't forget to read our tips and tricks. (pdf, 86 KB)

If you want to visit your room before signing a contract. You can always stay a couple of days in the Hostel in Hasselt, near the train station. If your pre-enrolment is in order, you’ll get a discount. Also a stay in a hotel or airbnb is possible. Mind that it can take quite a while to find a student room.  If you are looking for a room via a facebook page of which UHasselt is not the initiator, be alert for scamming or fraud.

  • Most rooms are furnished. However, bedding, towels, cookware and cutlery are not always provided. So you’ll need to bring or buy these things
  • use of a standard model tenancy agreement (not for doctoral students)
  • Rooms have an operating licence, EPC certificate and fire insurance
  • recognizable in the street with our poster

Advantages of renting from our housing database

  • free tenant liability insurance (not for doctoral students), if you provide us a copy of your rental contract before 31/10
  • mediation by the housing service in the event of a conflict between you and the room owner.

The housing service

  • gives you information and advice about your student room
  • informs and advises in case of problems
  • gives you a free referral for legal support

tel: +32 (0) 11 26 80 56

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