Risk assessment and toxicity assays

  • In vitro and in vivo screening assays for genotoxicity and carcinogenicity testing, such as the comet assay and Neomodels. Neomodels is  an in vivo invertebrate assay based on stem cell dynamics (EP15159158.3)
  • SAFETY96 (PCT/EP2022/052518) is a fast in-house screening platform to estimate plant toxicity and yield
  • Carbon black (WO2017120647A1) The Carbon Black test is a novel method to measure black carbon particles in a label-free way in urine

Climate impact risk analyses

Using the Ecotron infrastructure, we examine how future climate (I.e district scenarios of climate change) affect functioning of terrestrial ecosystems and organisms, in natural and human-modified environments. We also provide (experimental) assessments of performance of agricultural and industrial technological solutions in conditions of future climate.

Biodiversity assessments

We provide quantitative assessments of composition, diversity and functional profiles of soil microorganisms and invertebrate communities. In connection to the Ecotron facility, examining the diversity and functioning of soil communities in future climate is possible.

Sustainability assessment of clean technologies

Standard life cycle analysis (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA), techno-sustainability analysis and societal TEA.