These testimonials have been gathered from a small selection of successful collaborations with DSI.

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JKUAT University Nairobi (Kenya)

"Prof. Dirk Valkenborg at DSI has been a trusted collaborator of JKUAT University for several years. His teachings have been a vital part in the process of establishing JKUAT as a centre of excellence on biostatistics and data science in the Nairobi region." - dr. Johnstone Neondo

The partnership between DSI and JKUAT university resulted from two funded VLIR-UOS projects spanning 6 years.

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Testimonial Luc Bijnens Johnson and Johnson

Over the last decades the university of Hasselt followed a trend of attracting students with a very wide background in the STEM field who, by definition, are bilingual through the innovative approach of UHasselt.

The inauguration of DSI in this context gave me hope for the future.

Collaborations with the top experts who received honorary doctorates will generate new venues for innovation. I wish the DSI research team to continue their way of working because they have proven to be extremely successful over the last decades.

I am sure they will follow their well-developed intuition to indulge in research areas that have big impact on advancements in science and society in general.

- Luc Bijnens, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

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