In UHasselt’s Data Science Institute, over 150 enthusiastic researchers work on fundamental and applied data science research. Our research is driven by curiosity, civic engagement and fostered by collaboration with other scientists across various disciplines

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Research topics

The Data Science Institute brings together the expertise of data science researchers across Hasselt University, and aims to act as a single point of contact for all things related to data science.


Research lines

In order to focus its research and identify where and how to invest, the Data Science Institute identified three areas of specific importance for the next few years: contextualisation, event data analytics and data integration.


Research tools

The following research tools are used for general data analysis, proteomics and clinical trial statistics.


Public datasets

Access to public datasets has become more important than ever. Public data is important to provide more transparency and trust to the general population. Open research data combined with the possibility to collaborate can be crucial for discovering new insights.

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Publication output

Here you may find the latest publications from the Data Science Institute, stored on the Documentserver of the UHasselt.

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As part of the Flanders AI Research Program (FLAIR), Hasselt University conducts cutting edge research for meaningful impact on people, industry and society.

A team of UHasselt experts across multiple research domains has been appointed as Principal Investigator and tasked with studying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions on real-life challenges.

Three pillars form the foundation of this program: research, education and networking.

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COVID-19 research

As Covid-19 mathematical and statistical Modelling team (epidemiologists, statisticians, biologists, virologists, mathematicians, computer scientists,...) we try to predict the course of the virus and the way the course will change by taking measures or adept them. Based on the insights in different models, we advise policymakers, so they can decide on the measures that are necessary to contain or flatten the epidemic.

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