Project R-7052


Road safety in low and middle income countries : challenges and strategies for improvement.


The proposed ITP would run from September until December 2016, organized by the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) of Hasselt University. The programme is entitled "Road Safety in Low and Middle Income Countries: Challenges and Strategies for Improvement". Three major topics will be dealt with: infrastructure and mobility, behaviour and developing an effective and contextualized road safety policy. With regard to behaviour, participants will learn how to explain traffic and travel behaviour and how sensitisation campaigns or educational programmes can be used to influence behaviour. With regard to infrastructure, participants will study the impact of infrastructure on road safety and make a link between behaviour and infrastructure: to what extent does road design influence human behaviour in traffic and reversely how behaviour can contribute to infrastructural design. Finally participants will explore mobility and road safety policy. Based on new developments that arise in their cities/country, they will learn how to attune road safety and mobility policy by making use of the right methodological tools and taking into account several aspects such as economy, demography, ecology, spatial planning, etc.

Period of project

15 September 2016 - 07 December 2016