Project R-6953


Development of an academic master curriculum in architecture and a parallel master design studio in TDTU Vietnam (Education)


This project aims at building capacity in education and research at Ton Duc Thang (TDT) University in Vietnam by supporting the development of an academic master program in Architecture (a), including a parallel design studio in which a 'research by design'-methodology is adopted (b). This support is needed to enable quality student and staff exchanges (KPI 1) in joint mobility windows (KPI 2) in both institutions. Moreover, this way, TDT University can become an important partner for the recruitment of students for the international master in Interior Architecture (2016-2017) at Hasselt University. Adding TDT University as partner to the international network of Ark Faculty not only aligns with the policy plan internationalisation 2014-2017 at the institutional level, but it fits the faculty internationalisation policy as well: in the regional strategy, Asia is identified as potential partner region and developing countries are explicitly targeted since societal relevance is an important mission of ARK faculty. ARK faculty wants to show solidarity, raise awareness of developmental issues and engage in capacity building activities.

Period of project

01 January 2016 - 31 December 2017