Project R-7066


Study trips for students from Flemish institutions for higher education 2016 (AUHL) (Education)


A travel scholarship is a financial compensation for students at e Flemish university or college for an individual study trip to a developing country. The study trip is part of an approved course, such as an internship or a thesis. Before leaving the student has to find a supervisor at the home university or college. even in the country of destination the student has to find a lokal supervisor responsible for the coaching at the scene. On the institution , the student gets a preparation, with practical and substantional information. The Flemish universities and colleges are responsible for the selection and management of grants. VLIR-UOS finances the scholarship and is responsible for the programme framework. With these study trips VLIR-UOS wants to give Flemish students the chance to develop field experience in a developing country within the academic context, and in that way alerting the students of the development problems in a globalized world.

Period of project

01 January 2016 - 31 December 2016