Project R-382


3D TOOLBOX - 3D Imaging toolbox for television broadcast application.


The project has as target to follow the feasibility of especialy technics 3D motion capture on the internet. This case of feasibility tries to obtain more insight in the next objects : - the precision of 3D ultrasone position determination;- the application of 3D ultrasone position determination for interaction with 3D virtual environments;- user interfacing concepts from interaction at distance (on internet) with 3D virtual environments;- the evaluation and the case of networked virtual environments;- the use of 3D Toolbox technology by the production of television programs (virtual studio);- the usability of the 3D Toolbox technology in the production of television programs (virtual interactive studios);- the creation of a concrete framework for a continued Eureka project.

Period of project

01 July 1998 - 31 January 1999