Project R-9476


Intermerz (zwischenraum): Exploring the visual/didactical potentialities of internationalisation in the context of a multidisciplinary bachelor-course exercise. (Education)


The aim of the project is to set up an interdisciplinary exercise within the course 'Envisioning architecture/space" in the bachelor of Interior Architecture that closely connects to simultaneous/consecutive exercises taught at foreign partner institutions.The basic premise is that UHasselt students remain within the context of their 'home' institution, while the exercise in which they participate explicitly provokes an engagement with the specific spatial and cultural contexts of the other participating institutions and with a specific foreign peer-group. A similar approach is adopted at these other locations. Besides the difference in cultural and physical (urban) spaces, the exercise will also attempt to make productive the differences between the various disciplines that are involved (interior architecture, visual arts, graphic design, scenography)

Period of project

01 January 2019 - 31 October 2021