Project R-10272


EAPC EXPERT-network (Research)


The overall objective of the FWO-ICA project "EAPC EXPERT-network" is to consolidate and support the activities of the existing EAPC EXPERT group, and to anchor the role of the UHasselt/Flemish researchers in that group of international experts. The interdisciplinary EXPERT group consists of international (European) experts in the domain of physical exercise training in the context of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention. The EXPERT group gathers under the umbrella of EAPC, the European Association for Preventive Cardiology. EXPERT is an acronym for 'EXercise Prescription in Everyday practice & Rehabilitative Training', and the members of the group promote standardisation and prescriptions of exercise and physical activity according to recognised guidelines and thoroughly discussed expert opinions. In previous research, UHasselt researchers developed the EXPERT-tool in close collaboration with the EXPERT group. The EXPERT-tool is an interactive decision support system for prescriptions according to the aforementioned guidelines and expert opinions. The FWO-ICA project reinforces the current synergy between coordinating interdisciplinary research in Medicine, Rehabilitation Sciences and Computer Science. Some specific goals of the FWO-ICA project are: (1) to continue the general scientific coordination of the EXPERT-network, (2) to provide scientifically-grounded digital tools (EXPERT-tool for cardiac rehabilitation specialists, also applications for patients) with a focus on data-management and updating of guidelines and (3) to contribute to the EXPERT group's and EAPC's promotion activities via stakeholder contacts and dissemination of results with respect to guidelines for physical exercise prescriptions.

Period of project

01 January 2020 - 31 December 2022