Project R-10848


Development of a model to improve the research and innovation management at Peruvian public universities


The main objective of this JOINT project is to improve the quality of research output at the national level in Peru by strengthening the research management and dissemination capacities of two regional, public universities (Universidad Nacional del Altiplano and Universidad Nacional de San Cristóbal de Huamanga), so they can better fulfil their role as development actors in society. The project will contribute to the development of (i) policy guidelines regarding quality assurance of research, (ii) support services of the research offices to increase the number of research and innovation projects, (iii) updated research repositories linked to the national repository (ALICIA) and (iv) an Academic English course to encourage researchers to publish their results in English. UNALM and UHasselt will bring in their expertise on research management and will give trainings, share good practices and exchange their knowledge with UNA and UNSCH. This will allow UNA and UNSCH to implement policies, methodologies and tools developed by the project adapting them to their specific situation and context

Period of project

01 January 2020 - 31 August 2022