Project R-12660


Mathematical exploration of contraction mechanisms in burn scars using uncertainty quantification. (Research)


Contraction is an undesired side-process that takes place in burn injuries. The driving force behind the contraction process is considered to be the ingress of fibroblasts into the damaged tissue and the subsequent differentiation to myo-fibroblasts, where the last-mentioned cell type is responsible for contraction. Currently we are able to model skin as a morpho-elastic material. This methodology allows to simulate permanent or at least long-lasting deformations and therewith permanent contractures. This sustains the need to construct appropriate mathematical models that account for the relevant biological mechanisms. Since many input parameters are not known accurately, partly because of lack of information in the literature, and partly because of these data being patient-specific, uncertainty quantification is needed to estimate the probability that a certain wound (regarding shape, dimensions, skin properties) will develop contractures. The ultimate goal is to provide guidelines for the improvement and optimization of the treatment of burn injuries. The research methodology is based on mathematical modelling, numerical methods, mathematical analysis, Bayesian parameter sensitivity analysis, artificial intelligence and statistical inference of data.

Period of project

01 March 2022 - 31 December 2022