Project R-12511


XR-House: eXtended Reality Home (Research)


The objective of the XR-House is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of Limburg companies by encouraging them to make greater use of XR technologies (VR/AR/MR, serious gaming, wearables and sensors) in their business operations. We use an inclusive approach ranging from awareness raising and training, to research and the effective development of XR applications. This translates into the mutually reinforcing 4-part into which the XR House is divided, being: training, the demo center with showcases, innovation & research and the XR cases. In the training section, we will immerse companies, students and student entrepreneurs in the world of XR technologies and XR applications by offering XR training sessions in order to combat the brain drain of up-and-coming talent, to stimulate entrepreneurship and to position Limburg as an attractive workplace. The training center has a strong link with the demo center section, where companies are introduced to Proof-of-Concepts and demonstrators created by the knowledge institutions and XR companies. To promote the XR-House, numerous events and workshops will be organized to reach as many companies as possible. These initiatives contribute to the development of an active XR community of (inter)national players (companies, knowledge institutions, designers, sector & employer organisations, funding bodies and the public) who inspire each other and keep each other up-to-date through a learning network. The translation of research results to the business world is addressed in the innovation & research section, in which co-creation between knowledge institutions and (XR) companies is central, with a view to improving and renewing existing XR technologies

Period of project

01 January 2022 - 31 December 2024