Project R-13764


SUPPRESSOR OF GAMMA RESPONSE 1 - A novel mediator of oxidative signalling in plants? (Research)


Cadmium (Cd) pollution is a significant environmental concern and Cd uptake in plants poses a major threat to global food security.Hence, it is crucial to increase our knowledge on plant responses to Cd stress. Previous work demonstrated that the transcription factorsuppressor of gamma response 1 (SOG1) contributes to Cd-induced cell cycle inhibition in Arabidopsis thaliana and revealed a novel rolefor SOG1 in Cd-induced oxidative signalling. The aim of this project is to further characterize this newly identified role of SOG1 anddetermine which SOG1 downstream targets mediate Cd-induced oxidative signalling. To this end, a combination of genetic, molecularand biochemical approaches will be used. Furthermore, this project will investigate whether SOG1 also mediates oxidative signaltransduction upon exposure to salinity, heat and methyl viologen to reveal whether this transcription factor plays a conserved role inplant responses to reactive oxygen species-inducing stress conditions

Period of project

01 July 2023 - 30 June 2024